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Restore that tight, sleek tummy with Guam Tummy Tightening cream for cellulite specifically made to firm your belly and waist area. Formulated with Black Tourmaline this infrared stomach tightening cream reduces fatty tissue on the stomach, evens cellulite on belly, and transforms loose stomach skin for noticeably smooth, cellulite-free results you’ll love. For even more intensive reshaping and reducing cellulite on stomach.

* Visibly tones belly and love handles
* Corrects imperfections caused by cellulite on stomach
* Firms and tightens skin on stomach
* Relieves puffiness from water retention
* Enhances breakdown of fatty tissues in belly

Exceptionally effective and naturally-based, this anti-cellulite cream for stomach is highly prized in Italy and across Europe for its powerful smoothing and toning properties. The essential active is Guam Seaweed concentrate. Harvested from pure, uncontaminated oceans, this mineral-rich algae restores, rejuvenates, and conditions skin to fight the appearance of cellulite.

This skin tightening cream for stomach slimming is enhanced with Black Tourmaline, a finely micronized mineral that captures body heat and reflects it back into the skin as cell-activating Far Infrared Rays (FIR).